APA progresses unlocking Galilee gas basin supply

Monday, August 5, 2019

APA Group (ASX: APA), a leading Australian energy infrastructure business, today announced it has been granted a Survey Licence by the Queensland Government for its proposed Galilee Moranbah Pipeline. This is further progression of the work being done under the Memorandum of Understanding with Comet Ridge Ltd (ASX: COI) and Vintage Energy Limited (ASX: VEN) to connect Queensland’s Galilee Basin to gas markets.

Rob Wheals, APA’s Managing Director said, “The opportunity to build a new pipeline to help our customers unlock a new gas supply and connect it to market is always great news. The granting of the Survey Licence means we can get out into the field and commence working with stakeholders along a potential route. We are very pleased to have partnered with Comet Ridge and Vintage Energy to work together towards making this happen.”

The proposed Galilee Moranbah Pipeline and associated infrastructure would be built, owned and operated by APA. Approximately 240 kilometres in length, the greenfields pipeline would connect gas sources in the Galilee Basin to Moranbah in Central Queensland. Moranbah is the gas processing and distribution hub for northern Bowen Basin gas resources.

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