Galilee Basin Deeps Joint Venture Update

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Vintage Energy Ltd (“Vintage”, ASX: VEN) provides an update on the Albany-1 well side-track, located in the Galilee Basin, as part of the Galilee Basin Deeps JV (“GBDJV”) with Comet Ridge Ltd (“Comet Ridge”, ASX: COI). The Albany-1 wellbore has been plugged back to 2,350 metres (128 metres above the Lake Galilee Sandstone target reservoir) and the whipstock set. The casing was milled out over the weekend and the drilling of the side-track commenced.

The side-track will drill all the way through the 287 metre target zone, and once TD is achieved, an evaluation program consisting of wireline logs will be carried out. After the completion of the wireline logs, casing will be run in preparation for stimulation and flow testing later in the year, which will provide an indication as to the commercial capability of the Albany Field. Condor Energy Services Pty Ltd has been contracted to perform the stimulation of both Albany-1 ST1 and Albany-2 wells.

Albany-1 is located approximately seven kilometres from Albany-2, with both wells appraising the gas potential of the conventional Albany Field over its large 61km2 area.

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